We specialize in:
Business debt negotiations and Farm debt mediations
Loan management
Loan Applications and Refinance
Financial Analysis
Fighting foreclosure

GBAC is your best choice when you have a serious bank loan problem.
You can fight the bank in court, but it costs a fortune and the bank can afford it more than you can.
You can go to AFCA but it is a body owned by banks and other financial service providers.
You can go to your accountant or financial counsellor, but they may not fight the bank as we will.
You can come to us and we will fight the bank for you so that you get a fair go with your loans.
Our aim is to make you money and relieve stress, so you can enjoy your farm and business.
We will work with you, AFCA, your financial counsellor and your accountant to achieve that.

Our committment to the best outcome is rewarded by clients' recommendations and return for further services!

GBACA consults Australia-wide
Consultants:   Greg Bloomfield is a retired FCA, CPA, ACIS, FICD.
Pat Murray is a CPA, MAcc, BA (Ec)