10 ways to turn farm debt into farm profit Hint 2 Borrow for running costs

Don’t borrow for day-to-day running costs For farm debt to produce a profit it is generally better to fund operational […]

10 ways to turn farm debt into profit   Hint No 1 –

Note: everyone’s circumstances are different. These are just general hints. To check what is good for you please consult your […]

Black Bull

Have you got a beef with your Bank?  

Farmers all over Australia carry substantial debt along with their livestock and crops. Often it comes from buying the farm […]

grazing cattle

Pay it down for peace in farming, or make the debt earn profit for you!

Farmers in many parts of Australia are having it better now than for many years. Despite low interest rates, that […]

fishing for loans

Don’t let Doom Loop 2 get you!

Never heard of a  Doom Loop? Not surprising! But it can catch you too. “Doom loop” is when banks get […]

falling profits

Turn debt into profit

Default It is a difficult concept to grasp but a great deal of bank debt on loans that are in […]

magnifying glass over the word research

Knowledge is key when dealing with financial aspects of business or farming

What I learned early on in my Chartered Accountancy career was that farming had some peculiarities in its finances and […]

drowning in debt

Survival or insolvency ?

It is predicted that thousands of Australians are about to lose their jobs because the businesses they work for have […]

Loan laws favour bank over borrower

Borrowers “Brokers” are more important than ever now that the government is putting responsibility for being able to afford loans […]

big 4 banks

Loyalty is dangerous when dealing with a bank. Look around!!

It should be obvious by now that loyalty to one bank is a major disadvantage as they take loyal customers […]