Loan laws favour bank over borrower

Borrowers “Brokers” are more important than ever now that the government is putting responsibility for being able to afford loans […]

Loyalty is dangerous when dealing with a bank. Look around!!

It should be obvious by now that loyalty to one bank is a major disadvantage as they take loyal customers […]

Fishing for finance the GBAC way

The best way to deal with bank loan problems

Problem Many small regional business are experiencing, or at risk of, financial hardship due to the impacts of drought, bushfires […]

better banking

Dealing with farm and rural debt

bounding calf

Running a farm needs co-operation of cattle, farmers, bank

I had gone down to the creek to check on the cattle.  I sat on the grass to take a […]

Move now to secure future finance, avoid foreclosure

farm debt mediation

Farmers make money from debt mediation 

Businesses prepare to battle the banks

The word around town is that there are hundreds of lawyers and insolvency experts just waiting for the government to […]

20 ways to avoid bank foreclosure

  Prove the loan was always unaffordable – bank knew, you didn’t Demonstrate that you were caught in a debt […]