Loyalty is dangerous when dealing with a bank. Look around!!

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It should be obvious by now that loyalty to one bank is a major disadvantage as they take loyal customers for granted. All our clients looking for loans have sounded out a good number of banks who then compete for the business.

The benefit lies in getting a loan that suits the borrower better. We started that service as soon as banks were deregulated decades ago. Many customers just have not caught up with banking reality since deregulation. Hence the astounding revelations at the Royal Commission as to how some bankers have robbed  their most loyal customers.

That fact alone emphasizes the need for business and farm borrowers to employ their own bank loan consultant.

But on top of that is the fact that banks now employ brokers on commission to deal with their customers and brokers have been seen to get borrowers into  considerable trouble.  It is unwise to take loan advice from a broker who is paid by a bank for delivering you to it.

Further, banking is now being controlled by computers more than people. That is just what caused the Robo-debt fiasco  fraud. Computers do not think like people or understand the problems confronted by borrowers.

Don’t risk your business, home or farm by borrowing  without your own consultant to quickly and inexpensively ensure that you are given the right loan facility and treated properly throughout the loan process.

I have often said “Don’t trust anybody, because it is only those you trust who take you down. Nobody else gets the chance.”

Meaning don’t trust anybody until they have given you really good reason to do so over an extended period of time.

GBAC Advisory has an Australia-wide reputation for caring for clients. That is what we are about and it is how I have always functioned. We have a specialist knowledge of how banks operate, deceive and defraud customers. We also have some very powerful allies who will help us assist borrowers being treated badly.


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