20 ways to avoid bank foreclosure

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Prove the loan was always unaffordable – bank knew, you didn’t
Demonstrate that you were caught in a debt trap
Sell the bank on a feasible repayment plan
Obtain a debt discount from the bank – more common than you think
It is unreasonable if due to security asset value decrease
Refinance –  others will probably leap at the chance to lend to you
Seek parliamentary assistance by Votergram if unfairly treated
GBAC assisted loan, business or farm management
Increase profitability with GBAC ‘s assistance
Sell assets you need least to clear, reduce or refinance debt
Restructure the loan over a longer term. We don’t support debt consolidation
Increase your solvency by various strategies
Maintain a “bank first” loan management system
Obtain an extension of time for future loan repayments
Modify your enterprise to better cope with the debt
Monitor and report to parliament on bank or receivership failures
Keep a written record of bank advice or advertising to entice you to  borrow
Don’t let the bank bully you. Call GBAC for support
Keep digital record of misleading  online ads & website
Identify every breach of the banking code or law – GBAC can help

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