Back to basics banking strategy for nab sends a warning to borrowers

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New Nab chief Ross McEwan is going to teach his bankers “how to be bankers”, echoing the Royal Commission finding of “greed, misconduct, and a minefield of incompetence and blunders in the industry”, according to Sydney Morning Herald journalist Elizabeth Knight. His lessons will most assuredly aimed to increase bank profits and every dollar the bank earns comes out of the pocket of a customer. If bankers need to be taught how to make money out of lending, borrowers need to become “Better Borrowers” too, if they hope to reap more financial benefit from their future loan facilities. Voters Network is establishing a Better Bank Borrowing Taskforce to lobby for borrowers. FairGO already offers mistreated bank borrowers a direct Votergram line to every federal MP to raise their grievances instead of wasting time with the industry owned Australian Financial Service Authority. GBAC will continue to work with bank borrowers to negotiate much fairer loan outcomes than generally flow to them without such assistance. Join Voters Network for better government protection against bank profiteering, bullying or abuse. Send one of the FairGO Voterlobby’s Votergrams to MPs seeking investigation of any unfair practices by your bank in connection with your loan facilities. Consult Greg or Pat at GBAC for the best possible outcome when your loan facilities deteriorate to unhelpful bank correspondence, phone calls or legal action.

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