Debt is a means to an end, not the end of your dreams.  

Overwhelmed by Debt?
  • Reduce your interest costs
  • Reorganize your loan to suit your conditions
  • Manage debt to achieve your goals
Under pressure from the bank?
  • Use a banking advisor because the bank will never put your interests ahead of its own.
  • Put an excellent presentation to the bank on how you would like the loan to go. 
  • Look for ways to meet bank expectations.
  • Spread some of your banking to another bank
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Sent to mediation?
  • Get a really good farm/bank advisor because the bank has expert farm debt collectors
  • prepare well because mediation is a serious battle ground with deadly consequences 
  • Don't go to mediation representing yourself.  It is unlikely that you will be a match for the bank negotiator

Facing Foreclosure?
  • Refinance as fast as you can with expert help in preparing your loan application.
  • Don't try to get refinance using a standard bank application form.
  • It will never show how good your operation is.

Seeking Refinance?
  • Don't base your application on your tax figures
  • Use management accounts that show your true financial success and assets at full value.
  • Once your application is prepared, it costs little to duplicate and send to every bank.
  • Banks only negotiate interest rates down when there is competition from another bank to sell the loan.


You probably work day and night at your business or farm.
You do it for you and your family,