Attention Farmers / Business Owners: if you’re about to lose the farm, your home or business then this could be the relief you’ve desperately been looking for …

Before you let the bank sell you up, talk to us about how we regularly get the banks to write off more from your loan than most of you have earned in the past five years.  No joke.

As a farmer and business owner, I understand the pressure you can be under as you work flat out every day to keep your farm/business running when, at the end of the year, you’re left with very little to show for it. 

As an accountant, I also understand how the banking sector works
AND with the right advice, how you can get financial relief like you never thought was possible.



“Our family had four weeks to leave our farm and everything we owned. 
You stood up to our bank ... You picked us up during our lowest points
and depths of despair...Your strength in your writing and reporting allowed us to
”  Jean, Western Australia

At GBAC, we solve debt problems for farmers, businesses and individuals all over Australia.
We negotiate directly with the banks on your behalf (either with or without you being present) to routinely get you a much better outcome than what you’re currently facing.

 “Without your specialist knowledge on bank debts and your skills at research and negotiation, our clients would have undoubtedly lost their home as well as their business.  We were all impressed to have won the showdown with the bank and its high-powered lawyers.  How nice to see the bank write off in excess of $400,000 and the home saved.  Thank you again.”  Robert, Sydney Accountant

We believe that everyone is entitled to be treated fairly and, in our experience, money lenders don’t always play by the rules.  There’s nothing that excites us more than representing you to get:

  • a big write off from the bank
  • refinancing as needed, and importantly
  • moving forward with a profitable business.


 ...for a free, no obligation, 30 minute chat to help you understand there is hope and we can help.  

Typically, our clients get a 10X return on the investment they make working with us.  Are you ready to get the monkey (and the bank) off your back and get on with less-stressed and more profitable life?

Debt help for  individuals, business owners and farmers from qualified consultant accountants with 30+ years experience in business and farming themselves.

GBAC Advisory Pty Ltd