bounding calf

Running a farm needs co-operation of cattle, farmers, bank

I had gone down to the creek to check on the cattle.  I sat on the grass to take a

Businesses prepare to battle the banks

The word around town is that there are hundreds of lawyers and insolvency experts just waiting for the government to

20 ways to avoid bank foreclosure

  Prove the loan was always unaffordable – bank knew, you didn’t Demonstrate that you were caught in a debt

loan tight rope

Walking the economic tightrope with care

A support team is important when business and farm owners have to support borrowings out of profits. It is good

banker's banquet

Done like a dinner?

You borrow to build wealth. The bank lends to gain wealth from you. Bankers are better at it than borrowers

Be Prepared –  bank blitz next year –  Farm borrowers warned

  Bankers are fishing for borrowers’ business to make up for their huge penalties for misconduct . Now might be


Bankers Beware! Borrowers, we care!!

Specialist borrowing consultant Greg Bloomfield, founder of GBAC , has fired a broadside across the bows of aggressive bankers just